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Posted 2 years ago
At Naavik, our mission is to help every games industry professional master the business of gaming. A big part of succeeding on that mission is creating excellent, informative written content. As a result, we've formed an outstanding contributor community of founders, executives, analysts, and experts, and we're looking for more outstanding writers to join us. This written content comes in multiple forms:
  • Blurbs for our newsletter
  • Public-facing deep dives
  • Premium content
  • Research for clients
It also can span multiple genres and mediums:
  • F2P Mobile
  • Console / PC
  • Blockchain Games
  • Emerging Technology (VR, game engines, etc.)
  • Company Analyses
If you love the business of video games, have an analytical mind, are a great writer, and want to plug in -- let us know! Let's chat and see where you best fit. All work will be competitively paid. 
Enabling you to master the business of gaming
Size:  11-50 employees
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