Head of Decentralized Economics
United States · Remote
Mid-level · Full time
Posted 2 years ago

Functional Leadership Responsibilities

• Lead design of the in-game token economy, including sources and sinks, pricing, incentive structures, and more

• Build flexible and resilient in-game economic systems that can withstand market forces from many different participants

• Build player-centric and long-term economies, allowing for tuning of playerdriven economies 

Organizational Leadership Responsibilities

Build up the decentralized game economics organization from ground up. Discover and build best-in-class practices in emerging field

• Continuously innovate on industry practices, learning from experience and first principles

• Along other senior leaders, shape the founding culture of the company


Ideal candidate background and experience

• Deep understanding of macroeconomic systems and levers, including inflation drivers, incentive systems, currency supply and demand, etc.

• Gamer at heart: we build for players

• Voracious learner: keen to break down complex system to understand economic mechanisms for the ground up

• Very strong financially modelling skillset

• Education in macroeconomics, finance, or related fields

• Prior work experience in economics, investment banking, PE, or other related fields

• Strong preference for prior experience in gaming (F2P product manager, monetization lead, game economist, etc.)

Game studio
Size:  1-10 employees
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